How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! (Romans 10:15)

Ashley’s Vision
On January 23, 2008, Ashley's last day on earth, she said good-bye to many friends and family and she shared with everyone she was going to Heaven and assured them she "would be ok." She spoke to a special friend whose family would be relocating to another country to serve as missionaries. Her words to her friend, "I'm glad you are going so other people can go where I am going today" became the inspiration of this ministry. Ashley's vision was for the lost to be assured of Eternal life.

Our Mission
Blessed Beautiful Feet is a non-profit ministry inspired by our daughter Ashley Nicole Averill. Our mission is to partner with people who are focused on helping the lost be found and developing relationships to nurture new believers into a growing walk with Christ.

Mission Statement
The mission of Blessed Beautiful Feet is to help the lost be found.
Our Commitment
True ministry is initiated by God, which means it is received and not achieved. Blessed Beautiful Feet is God’s ministry and was revealed to us because of our relationship of dependence on Him. Ashley’s death ended her own efforts yet her legacy continues in spite of the evil attack on her body and the Enemy’s schemes set before us to prohibit building God’s Kingdom. Our family is committed to pray and to support individuals to “go and tell” (Isaiah 6:9).

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